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Philodendron Deja vu – Easy to Grow Houseplant

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Philodendron Déjà vu

Bringing nature inside the walls is the new way to decor indoors for calm and peaceful vibes. What’s better than having a fresh green plant always around you for your mental wellbeing and for keeping you connected to nature? A small delicate Philodendron Deja Vu does the trick perfectly.

Philodendron Deja Vu is an evergreen perennial houseplant that has glossy dark green foliage and jagged-edged serrated leaves. It does not need any showy flowers to prove its worth as an impressive indoor ornamental plant. Its compact size of just 4 feet makes it a plant ideal for mass plantings and patio adornments.


  • Family: Araceae
  • Subfamily: Aroideae
  • Genus: Philodendron
  • Cultivar: Deja vu

Origin and Distribution

Philodendron Deja vu is a cultivar of the Philodendron genus that resembles the Philodendron Xanadu species a lot. Although it cannot be cultivated through seeds, it is a tropical plant that is reproduced asexually through stem cuttings and leafy tips.

Being a tropical plant, it grows best in warm climates. It is cultivated mostly in the tropics, subtropics, and the warmer regions of Brazil and Mexico. Due to the broad belt of the tropical region, these pretty shrubs can easily be grown in various parts of the globe without any hassle.

Philodendron Deja vu Features

Foliage and Stem

Deja vu Philodendron is an all-green non-flowering plant that has multiple stems growing out of a single base. As it is a herbaceous shrub, it has flexible and delicate stems, and its leaves are glossy and green all year long.


This elegant plant has all the necessary features that we look for in a houseplant. Being evergreen is one of them.

This Phil does not lose its leaves to fall; it only shed its old leaves when the new ones have already budded out and taken the upper tip of the stems. It will keep spreading greeny vibes in your indoors all year long!


Philodendron Deja vu grows to a maximum height of 4 feet. This tiny little Phil has a mature height of just 24 inches. You can place this small planting anywhere inside your house, in your living room corner, along with your kitchen fridge, or beside your bathtub, without worrying about extra occupied space.

Temperature Tolerance

Tropical plants are sensitive to extremely hot or extremely cool climates. They need a warmer temperature to grow well. Philodendron Deja vu is a tropical plant that is fond of warmth and grows best at room temperature; it cannot survive heats or colds. Putting it outside on a hot day will dry out its foliage, and leaving it out in the garden in the extreme cold will discolor its exotic leaves.

Humidity Tolerance

Just like all other Philodendrons, Philodendron Deja vu is a humidity-loving plant that thrives best in a highly humid atmosphere. Higher humidity levels promote shiny-fresh foliage and lush growth. Placing your Phil in a group with other plants will automatically increase the humidity levels of its surroundings.

Drought Resistance

This tough little herbaceous plant saves water in its juicy stem for harsh conditions; this practice makes it a fairly good drought-resistant plant. It can go weeks without being watered as long as it has well-drained soil and a humid environment.

Pressure Tolerance

This cultivar of the Philodendron genus is a delicate shrub having soft and flexible stems. It cannot bear extra pressure from its surroundings, whether it’s the pressure of heavy objects or the canopy of other plants. You have to give some space to your tiny Phil to grow fully and thrive freely.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Philodendron Deja vu is not completely resistant to diseases. Leaf spot is the most common disease that can infect your little planting. This disease is detected when the leaves begin to turn yellow and gradually turn brown. In such a condition, remove the affected leaves from the stem and keep the rest of the foliage dry and drained.

Erwinia blight is another common Philodendron disease that first attacks the stem and then the leaves. The stem starts to develop water-filled lesions that become yellowish-brown in color. Placing your plant in a cold and dry atmosphere won’t be effective. However, some bactericides will slow down the process.


These elegant ornamental houseplants have an average growth rate.  A slow growth rate means smaller roots for a longer time, so you do not need to re-pot it for 2-3 years. However, once the foliage matures, it occupies a space of 24 inches max!


Deja vu Philodendrons are toxic plants producing calcium oxalate in their leaves. This calcium oxalate is poisonous for animals and pets, especially cats. The high level of calcium oxalate can be fatal for your pet; if ingested by a human, it causes severe swelling and irritation in the respiratory tract.

Keep your both dearies- your Phil and your pet, quite apart from each other.


This all-pretty Philodendron Deja vu is a perennial plant that means it lives for more than three to four years. All you have to do is to re-pot your Phil every year or two, so its soil drainage stays well, and its root system keeps on extending.


Philodendron Deja vu is the best option for those plant-lovers who lack a green thumb. It is an extremely low-maintenance plant that does not bother for frequent watering and occasional feeding. This classy little plant is all about good features!


Winters are the rest periods for this plant. It goes dormant at the beginning of winter and does not continue its growth until the next growing season. During this dormant period, your plant does not need to be fed fertilizers.

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Philodendron Deja vu Care

Philodendron Deja vu care list does not have too many tasks. Keep your Phil in slightly acidic soil (pH 6.1 – 6.5), do not water it too often, and place it in a highly humid environment. These Philodendrons are best-suited for 9-11 plant hardiness growing zones.

Water Requirements

Although this pretty shrub is a tropical plant, Déjà vu philodendron care does not include watering it too often. This plant does not like being over-watered, so wait until the top 2-3 inches of upper soil gets dry and then water it. Over-watering your Phil can damage its soil drainage and fresh foliage.

Soil Requirements

Deja vu Philodendron grows best in moist and slightly acidic soil. Keep the soil pH in a range from 6.1 to 6.5. To maintain this pH level, add two drops of vinegar to the watering container. It is best if you use a cactus potting mix for better soil drainage. You can also add sand to the regular potting mix to enhance drainage.


These tropical plants grow best in medium indirect light or complete shade. Avoid placing your delicate Phil in direct sunlight leaves will wilt away. The optimum sunlight requirements are 70-85%.

Temperature Requirements

Philodendron Deja vu care includes keeping it in a place with a temperature between 12- 26°C. It cannot survive extreme temperatures. Do not hesitate to place this beautiful shrub in your home garden if its temperature is in this range. But move the plant indoors during winters to save it from chilly injuries.


Feed your Deja vu Philodendron with foliage fertilizer for the proper growth of its dark-green and fresh foliage. Water-soluble fertilizers are the best for such plants because they are fast-releasing fertilizers, and the nutrients become readily available to the roots. However, do not feed the plant in winter as it goes dormant in that part of the year.


These beautiful evergreen plants have a slow growth rate, so they do not need to be re-potted now and then. Re-pot your Phil when you notice its roots growing out of the drainage holes, and this does not happen before two years! So, sit back and enjoy its beauty without the hassle of occasional re-potting.


As this philodendron is a cultivar, it can only be propagated stem cuttings.

  • Cut a part of the stem just above an existing growing leaf.
  • Place this in soil, moist perlite, or in a jar of water.
  • New roots will sprout out within just 10-20 days.
  • If you rooted the stem in a water jar initially, then move it to a pot after fair root growth.

Final Thoughts

Philodendron Deja vu is a gorgeous evergreen plant with dark-green foliage and spikey-edged leaves that does not require much care and attention, and it thrives best on its own. It looks beautiful in every corner of a house and embellishes the home garden most flawlessly. Who wouldn’t need such beauty in their homes?

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