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Philodendron Calkins Gold- The Air-Purifying Vine

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Philodendron Calkins Gold

Philodendron Calkins Gold is a yellow-leafed hybrid with green patches on its leaves. This color combination gives a golden shade to its foliage. It is a rare and hard-to-find Philodendron. The petioles and internodes of this Calkins Gold Philodendron are in an upright and erect position. One amazing thing about this unique Philodendron is that it purifies the toxins from your air and makes it healthy and clean to breathe.

Let’s have a look at more features of this alluring Philodendron.


  • Family: Araceae
  • Subfamily: Aroideae
  • Genus: Philodendron


Native to tropical forests, Philodendron Calkins Gold is found in moist habitats. It is naturally grown in America and the West Indies. Any damp place with high levels of humidity makes a great home for Philodendron Calkins Gold.



Leaves are bright yellow. They have dark green patches all over them. Pointed and erect leaves are the unique features of this Calkins Gold Philodendron.


Once the plant starts to mature, the spadix begins to grow. But this plant rarely blooms indoors.


The size may be limited by the support that you are giving to this climbing plant. However, it is a large-sized plant. So if they are given rough space, they turn into large plants with straight leaves.

Philodendron Calkins Gold Care

Philodendron Calkins Gold care is a piece of cake. It needs moderate watering. Soil should be rich in organic matter and should always be moist. It needs bright sunlight exposure from an indirect spot. The temperature should be within the range of 18-29 degrees Celsius. The humidity levels should be high. You should use a water-soluble fertilizer once a month for this plant during the high growth season.

Quick Guide 

WateringModerate supply
Soil typeMoist and rich in organic compounds.
SunlightBright, indirect sunlight.
Temperature18-21 degrees Celsius during the night, 24-29 degrees Celsius during the day.
FertilizerWater-soluble fertilizer once a month during spring and summer.
PruningBefore the seasonal growth starts.


Always water your plant before the soil starts to get dry, but avoid watering it too often. Overwatering leads to standing soggy soil, which results in root rot. Misting the leaves during the winters once in two weeks is healthy for your plant. When the temperatures get too high likewise, during summers, water your Philodendron Calkins Gold twice a week.

Watering it too frequently will cause root damage. The growing young leaves will start to die if you over-water the plant. Keeping a regular check on your plant’s water needs is essential for growing it into a healthier one.


A well-drained, rich in organic matter soil is beneficial for your plant. Good soil boosts your plant’s immunity against various plant diseases. The best potting medium for your Philodendron Calkins Gold is 100% sphagnum peat moss. It is also favorable for its related plant, Philodendron Pseudoverrucosum because peat moss has more moisture-holding capacity.

Also, the soil should be kept moist all the time. It is important for your plant. Once the top layer of the soil starts to get dry, you have to water it. The soil in a plastic container dries out slower than the soil in a ceramic container. Try to use plastic or a glazed container. It will keep the soil moist for a longer duration of time. Avoid making the soil soggy by overwatering it.


Providing Philodendron Calkins Gold with bright light is preferred more than low sunlight. It can tolerate indirect sun only. If you keep your plant under the direct sun on a hot day, your plant will be burnt completely. Therefore it is suggested to keep it under the sky early in the morning when the sunlight is not too intense.

It does not mean that you should completely deprive your plant of sunlight. Proper sunlight exposure is very important. Otherwise, the leaves will turn yellow, and the growing leaves will soon start dying.


When the temperature gets warm and moist, it is favorable for a Philodendron Calkins Gold. An ideal temperature range during the day is between 24-29 degrees Celsius during the day and 18-21 degrees Celsius during the night. A temperature above or below this range will affect your plant. Too low temperature will risk the healthy growth of your Philodendron Calkins Gold. During cold weather, the growth of these tropical plants is stunted as a result of which, they may die. So you have to keep a check on the temperature because it is affecting your plant greatly.


Being a tropical plant, it prefers high levels of humidity. But if you are growing it indoors where the humidity levels are not high, it still manages to grow normally. High levels of humidity make them able to absorb maximum nutrients from the soil. This absorption through roots helps them in increasing their growth rate. The extra moisture is eliminated through the plant’s pores. Even a little change in this humidity level causes problems for a plant’s normal growth. As a result, the growth rate decreases.


The addition of fertilizer to the soil will make your plant healthier. Add it once a month during the seasons when the growth rate is higher. Plants absorb all the extra nutrients needed, which are vital for growth through these fertilizers. All the macronutrients needed by the plant are present in an ideal fertilizer.

Give your plant the right amount of fertilizer. An extra amount of fertilizer will dry out the soil more quickly. This dry soil will dry the leaves too. They will turn yellow or brown. Plants take a lot of time for the healing process after this over-fertilization.


You only need to neaten up the plant once in a while because a Philodendron does not need to be pruned a lot. If your vine is getting way too large, you may cut it a bit before the growing season starts. It will encourage the growth of new young leaves, and in turn, your plant will appear leafier and greener.

Or, you can just trim out the dried leaves and other portions of the plants that are no longer green. These trimmings speed up the growth of new young leaves.

How to Propagate Philodendron Calkins Gold?

You can propagate a Calkins Gold Philodendron by the stem cutting method. For propagating, consider doing following steps:

  • Sanitize your hands and wear protective gloves.
  • Sterilize all the equipment that you will be using during the propagation.
  • Cut a section of stem, preferably 3-6 inches.
  • Place it in a pot filled with moist soil.
  • Water it and keep it in low sunlight.
  • The stem cutting will start to grow roots in two to three days.
  • After an entire week of propagation, the plant will entirely start to grow.
  • Instead of soil, you also have the option to propagate your Philodendron in water.

Philodendron Calkins Gold Basic Features


A Philodendron Golden Calkins is a vining plant. This plant needs less attention from you. And with little care, they can be grown easily. Their growth rate is very high. That means they can grow fast into a mature plant in very little time.


Like all other Philodendrons, Philodendron Calkins Gold is also toxic. It contains calcium oxalate crystals that are poisonous. Thus they cannot be eaten by humans as well as by pets. If ingested, it causes irritability in the mouth and esophagus. It results in nausea, vomiting, and burning of the eyes.

Drought Tolerance

A Philodendron can still manage to grow normally, even if you forgot to water it. These plants are drought-tolerant. Even if there is cold breeze blowing, they remain unbothered.


It is a lovely low-maintenance plant that can be grown indoors even by a beginner. If you know its basic needs, you can grow this beautiful Philo in your home with minimum effort.


It stops growing during winters due to cold and low sunlight. It is its dormancy period that continues for the rest of the winters. Its dormancy ends when the environment becomes warmer and brighter again.

Common Problems and Their Solutions


These Philodendrons rarely have a problem. They are easy to care for. They do not get diseases that easily. But, if you are not taking their proper care, they become susceptible to plant diseases. These diseases impact the plant’s growth highly. Root rot occurs when you water your plant more than it needs. When your plant is not getting enough sunlight, its leaves begin to die. Fertilizing your plant too often causes the tips to curl up.


Pests are likely to attack your plant if it is not healthy. Aphids, mites, and a few other pests attack a philodendron. They start to eat it, and ultimately the whole plant is damaged. Using insecticidal sprays to kill them might be helpful. Proper care will save your Philodendron Calkins Gold from these problems.

Philodendron Calkins Gold: FAQs

How do I take care of Golden Calkins?

This plant does not ask you for any special care; it is a low-maintenance plant. Providing it with only the basic needs is enough for its normal growth. If you want its growth to be maximum and your plant to be healthier, water it regularly. And provide it with proper sunlight and a proper supply of water-soluble fertilizer.

Is Calkins Gold the same as Painted lady?

No, the petioles of a Painted Lady plant have a reddish color. The petioles of Calkins Golden are straight and green-colored. Its leaves are yellowish-green in color. These features help you to differentiate both plants easily.

Why are the leaf tips of my plant curling up?

If you are over-fertilizing, you are harming your plant. It becomes the reason for curled-up leaves. Therefore, adding the correct amount of fertilizer is very necessary. Add half a teaspoon of the fertilizer per gallon of water. The curling tips of leaves indicate the extra amount of fertilizer you are giving to your plant.

How much sunlight does my Philodendron Calkins Gold need?

It only needs dappled shade. It means indirect sunlight is preferred more by this plant. Try to keep your plant in direct sunlight when it is not too intense. Direct sunlight scorches this plant’s foliage.


Philodendron Calkins Gold is a tropical plant with yellowish-green foliage. The elongated yellowish-green leaves differentiate it from the rest of the Philodendrons. Keeping it in your house means eliminating all the toxins from the air because this plant happens to be a natural air purifier. Also, it requires very little attention from you. It is a perfect option as a houseplant.

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