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How Fast Does Aloe Vera Grow? Tips on Growing Them Faster

How Fast Does Aloe Vera Grow?

Aloe vera is a wonder plant that has many uses and benefits. It is a succulent plant from the Aloe genus that is typically known as immortal plants for their more prolonged lifespans. These succulents, being famous for their healing and medicinal properties, are widely grown in home gardens and greenhouses. If you are planning to grow this impressive plant in your home, you might be wondering how fast does aloe vera grow?

Succulent plants are turtle-growers of the flora world; these plants take years to reach their mature height. Aloe vera grows at a relatively faster rate than the rest of the succulents. However, it still grows slower than other plants.

In this article, we will discuss how fast does aloe vera plant grow and how to make your aloe grow faster?

How Fast Does Aloe Vera Grow?

The rate at which an aloe vera plant grows depends a lot on the environment and conditions in which it is kept. In comparison to other succulents, the aloe vera plant grows faster. But, as the succulents are slow-growers, this little plant is still going to take a little longer to show its visible growth than the other plants in your collection. These succulents take years of care and nurture to grow to their maximum height.

It takes almost 3 to 4 years to attain its mature height; each leaf takes a month to sprout out and mature. You should never expect your aloe to sprout a new leaf every other night. If you cut off one of its leaves, the leaf will never grow back from the exact spot. The stem will sprout a new leaf from the center. The same factors that affect the growth rate of aloe vera also affect how fast do aloe vera leaves grow back. These plants normally take a month to regrow a new leaf once one of them is cut off from its stem.

Normally, an aloe vera plant reaches a height of 8-10 inches. But if it is cared for properly, it can attain its maximum height, which is 18 inches. It all depends on a proper caring routine and secret growing tips. These affect a lot how fast does aloe vera grow. All these tips are going to be discussed next.

What Factors Affect Its Growth Rate?

Growing adorable, tiny succulents is all fun and games unless you are an impatient grower. However, there is always a solution to every problem. There are certain ways by which you can make your aloe plant grow at a faster rate. But before increasing its rate of growth, you must know which factors majorly affect how fast does aloe vera grow?


Aloe plants grow best in arid and dry climates. These are not much needy for water and humidity. You need not worry about your aloe vera being dried out if you forget to water it for some days; it will still grow good and healthy.

This succulent needs to be watered every 3 weeks! Surprising, right? It hates being over-watered. So, never water your plant unless the upper 1-2 inches of its soil is completely dried out.


This succulent grows best if it is kept in loose and sandy soil; this type of soil keeps this plant from taking up too much moisture as most of the water drips down through the drainage holes. Loose soil also lets the roots to breathe and grow freely.

The potting mix that is used for cacti and succulents is most ideal for these miniature plants.


The container in which an aloe vera plant is kept should always be half an inch larger than the plant itself.

A container much larger than this size, having an excess amount of soil will not increase its rate of growth (in case you are wondering). This practice will lead to your plant’s immediate death because excess soil means excess moisture, which is harmful to this succulent.

As it is a slow-grower, an aloe vera does not need occasional re-potting unless it outgrows its pot.


Your aloe vera plant is not a foodie. It needs not to be fed every other fortnight for better growth. You should only feed it with a suitable fertilizer every month. Liquid fertilizers work best for this type of succulent.

Over-feeding your aloe will do more harm than good. You will get your plant’s roots burnt or retard its growth.


The ideal temperature range for the optimum growth of this aloe plant is 15-24°C. This plant needs to be kept in a warm and cozy corner.


This plant works well in both: bright sunlight or artificial light. 6 hours of bright sunlight is best for the proper growth of an aloe vera plant. But if you are planning on keeping your plant indoors, you need to provide it with 16 hours of artificial full-spectrum growth lights.

Do not forget to rotate your plant after a week or so, so that all of its parts are equally exposed to the light. Placing your plant in direct sunlight for continuous hours will burn its leaves, so be careful with the placement of your aloe vera plant.

Additional Nutrients

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, certain additional nutrients also affect how fast does aloe vera plant grow.

Adding eggshells and banana peels helps your plant keep pests and diseases away. It also lets your plant sustain water and nutrients in its soil for better absorption.

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Growing indoors vs. outdoors

The location in which your aloe is grown also affects its growth rate. An aloe vera that is grown indoors grows relatively slower than if it is grown outdoors. This is because of the light exposure hours and warmer environments.

How To Make Your Aloe Vera Grow Faster?

If you wish for your aloe vera to grow at a relatively faster rate, follow the following care routine.

  • Water it after every 3 weeks. Avoid over-watering.
  • Let the top 1-2 inches of soil get dry before watering.
  • Use loose and sandy soil in the pot.
  • Use half-an-inch larger pot for your pup.
  • Place in a well-lit spot that receives 6 hours of bright sunlight.
  • Keep it in a warm environment with an average room temperature. (15-24°C.
  • Feed it with a liquid fertilizer every month.
  • Add eggshells or banana peels to protect it from diseases and pests.


An adorable succulent, like an aloe vera plant, always looks good in a home garden. It can be used for both: ornamental and skincare purposes. If cared for properly, it takes a period of 3-4 years to mature. All the wait is worth it! It starts to produce a clear gel, which is popular for healing purposes, in just a year. You do not have to wait for this long period to avail its benefits. This tiny succulent is a low-maintenance plant, so you can easily grow it inside your home or in your backyard without any hassle.

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