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Cosmos Flower Meaning: Everything You Need to Know

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Cosmos Flower Meaning

The world is full of beautiful flowers giving us hope every time they start blooming and take a new shape. Whether the flower is pink or white, they leave a positive vibe behind which is much-needed in the world today. One such flower goes by the name of Cosmos and it is the most-favorite of many people for all the right reasons. The way it blooms instills a sense of excitement and there’s no denying it. Let’s get to know about Cosmos flower meaning and some more interesting details about it!

Cosmos Flower Meaning

In Greek, Cosmos translates to harmony or peace. Basically, anything that is the direct opposite of chaos. The name for the flower was introduced by Spanish priests and the reason is very interesting to know. The cosmos flower has petals that are evenly arranged which depict harmony and hence, the flower was eventually named as cosmos flower. The flower is divided into different categories and chocolate cosmos flower is one of them.

Chocolate Cosmos Flower Meaning

The flower is named as chocolate because its fragrance is more or less the same as that of real chocolate. However, keep in mind that the flower is not edible so you need to take care when you have pets and kids around. It is one of the rarest flowers, however, they are great to attract butterflies because of their texture and appearances. The petals are soft and velvety further adding to its charm and the dark chocolate fragrance is a huge reason for it to be your favorite flower of all times.

The species became extinct in the wild long ago but they are still being grown in certain parts of the world. As we previously mentioned, it is still among the rarest flowers in the world.

Cosmos Flower Characteristics

Cosmos flowers are from the Compositae genus and are known to be the most popular in the given category. The flowers are basically originated from Mexico but they are spread all across the U.S. and also some European countries. The flowers thrive from summers to fall and tend to grow well in warm climates. They come in vibrant and attractive colors where each color holds a different meaning and spread positive vibes all over.

Cosmos is generally a low maintenance flower which does not any specific type of soil to grow and does not even require to be watered a lot. Their symmetry is what adds beauty and harmony to your garden

Cosmos Flower Symbolism

Every flower and color around the world has a certain degree of symbolism attached to it due to which they are cherished or avoided. The symbolism behind cosmos flower is beautiful and we cannot contain ourselves from sharing it with you all.

In previous times, people used the cosmos flower to convey their feelings of love and affection for those who mattered to them. Giving this flower to your spouse partner means that you are promising to walk through life together. It signifies the beauty of life and the vibrant color compel you to live your life to the fullest. Many women get the Cosmos flower instead of good old roses on Valentine’s day because it’s a symbol of peace, love, harmony, and tranquility. The chocolate flower in the same category comes in a deep shade of chocolate brown and represents the depth and strength of one’s love for the receiver.

Also, did you know the flower was adopted as the emblem or logo of the organization associated with the World Kindness Movement two decades back? It is also believed to symbolize small tourist attractions because of its size and strong symbolism. Cosmos Hanatsumi is used as a symbol for Harvest Hill. The event allows the tourists to walk through a farm spread across 4,000 meters of area and pick flowers to take back along. The idea, for sure, is amazing! Isn’t it?

Different Types of Cosmos flowers Meaning

  • One Cosmos Flower depicts sincerity and innocence. This specific category appeared to be innocent like modest lovers and kids.
  • The Pink Cosmos represents delicacy or everything delicate such as love, hugs, and kisses. It also symbolizes a mother’s love so we believe it is ideal to give it your mom on her birthday, mother’s day or just out of the blue. Not only this but it also denotes beauty.
  • White Cosmos is for peace, modesty, and friendship. It is perfect to give to your friends.
  • Scarlet Red Cosmos is a symbol of sensual attractions or intense love.
  • Yellow Cosmos denote exciting beginnings, positivity, and success. You can just have it around to spread good vibes and live your best life.
  • Chocolate flower shows the intensity of love and it is known to be for October-born babies. Apart from this, it also symbolizes masculinity due to its strong color and appearance.

Cosmos Flower Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of Cosmos Flower is of longevity. Many people also believe that the flower helps in protection from the negative energy by encouraging the flow of positive energy that also helps in throat chakra i.e. boosts a person’s speaking power.

Here is a breakdown of Cosmos flower spiritual meanings:

Petals of Longevity

In previous times, the flower was connected to longevity. Many individuals used the petal of the flower in their glasses to bring an abundance of good health and long life for whoever was exposed to it. For this reason, the flower was quite valuable for people.

Clears Energy Blockages

Many people have a strong belief in positive and negative energy. Moreover, many people believe the idea of positive energy being blocked because of excess negative energy. The cosmos flower was used and it is still used by many to combat energy blockages. It is believed that wearing it with the jewelry promises good health and lots of vibrant energy.

Throat Chakra

People with a strong belief in spirituality believe that the flower is strongly connected to the throat chakra. It opens up energy blockages and proves to be calming for those having issues with speaking or the throat region. This is why the flower held a special meaning for public speakers and they used to keep it around them to enhance their speaking power when addressing the public.


Cosmos flower is also a big sign of protection and used as a means to increase positive energy. You can simply wear it with your jewelry or plant it in your house to feel protected at all times.

The Geometry of 19 Circles:

It is a belief from the ancient times that the Cosmos flower has 19 circles attracting and emitting positive energy into the air and around the individual. The concept of 19 circles is now also used in the construction and renovation of religious institutions such as temples, mosques, churches, and pyramids.

Cosmos Flower Medicinal Properties

The flower is not only used for love, tranquility, peace, or any other spiritual reason. It is also considered to have various medicinal properties that make it even more valuable. Yes, Cosmos flower meaning has much more than you can imagine. In Brazil, it is used to treat diseases like malaria. The flower comprises antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties which tend to ease many symptoms of the disease. Moreover, it has properties which are quite favorable for your skin and muscles and you conveniently use it to treat skin issues. However, talk to your medical supervisor first if you have serious health conditions.

In some parts of America, it is used to make yellow dyes because the yellow flower is vibrant and has a beautiful shade of yellow.

A specific category of Cosmos which goes by the name of Cosmos Caudatus or the king’s salad includes ascorbic and chlorogenic acids. The flower regulates your sugar levels in a healthy manner because of its anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is great for people who have weak bones and muscles.

Previously, the king’s salad was commonly used as a medicine to treat various illnesses and to boost blood circulation. Surprisingly, it is used in Indonesian and Malay cuisines because of all the health benefits it has to offer.

Cosmos Flower Care

As previously mentioned in the article that Cosmos is a low-maintenance flower and does not require much effort from you. However, you can still not leave it alone so you need to look after it anyway to save it from dying.

For best results, it is recommended to plan flowers where they have access to full sun. It is important to keep in mind that wherever you plant, it should get some afternoon shade. Overexposure to the sun can cause irreversible damage to the plant and this is certainly not what you would want to see.

Planting them along a fence is better because cosmos use them as support while growing. It also enhances the beauty of the area when they are set along a fence or wall.

Cosmos can grow in almost all types of soil even if it has poor fertility. However, the soil needs to be well-drained and not acidic as it will hinder the growth of the plant. Fertile soil is not recommended because the stems turn out to be weak and the flowers also don’t turn out to be as per your expectations. The soil needs to be fertilized very lightly and that too during the start of the season.

Cosmos can live without being watered much but you still need to water them regularly to see them blooming beautifully. Overwatering is highly discouraged as it can reduce the number of flowers and also damages the roots. Let the soil dry or drain out water before feeding it with water again.

Fun Facts about Cosmos Flower

  • The flower grows up to 6 feet.
  • It blooms twice in the same year.
  • The leaves come in three different shapes and all pairs are arranged in opposite directions.
  • It attracts butterflies and bees.
  • Cosmos is great for beginners as it is low maintenance.
  • Cosmos flower is known to be the October flower.
  • Not all bugs like cosmos so they tend to stay away from it.


It is interesting how a little flower has so much to offer to such a huge number of humans around the world. Many of you might not be even aware of how valuable this flower is. Now that you know the true Cosmos flower meaning, why not plant them in your own patios and gardens? The fact that it requires less maintenance is compelling enough to grow it in your personal spaces. However, make sure your area meets the weather requirements of the plant, otherwise, it will defeat the purpose of having it around.

Happy flowering!

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