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Carolina Midnight Loropetalum – Chinese Witch Hazel

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Carolina Midnight Loropetalum

The almost-indestructible, Carolina Midnight Loropetalum, is a handsome evergreen shrub. It is a perennial plant that has deep burgundy, round leaves, and fuchsia, purple flowers. Its foliage has mesmerizing shades of midnight that add a purple touch to home gardens and indoors. This shrub grows into a splendid tree; it adorns a home garden so well. This plant is also grown as mass plantings to decorate gardens and patios. Here are some cool features and care tips for the Carolina Midnight Loropetalum tree.

Common Names

  • Chinese Witch Hazel
  • Fringe Flower


  • Family: Hamamelidaceae
  • Subfamily: Hamamelidoideae
  • Genus: Loropetalum

About the Genus Loropetalum

The name ‘Loropetalum’ is derived from two Greek words, loron and petalon, meaning petals and straps. This name is given due to the shape of the flowers of its species. It is a genus of flowering plants. Four different species have been classified into this genus so far.

Origin and Distribution

This plant is native to China. It is also found in the Himalayas, Japan, and the regions of South Carolina.

Caroline Midnight Loropetalum Features

Foliage and Stem

This plant has dark-burgundy leaves that are round in shape. These leaves perfectly contrast with fuchsia flowers. Each plant has many and many branches. The abundant leaves do not create a messy appearance as this plant is a compact shrub.


This beautiful plant bears lovely flowers that increase its beauty to ten folds. It has frilly flowers that are purplish-red in color. These flowers bloom from early spring to spring.


This colorful plant is an evergreen perennial that remains green and fresh throughout the year. Its leaves and foliage do not fall all at once. Every leaf waits till it gets old enough to fall off the branches.


This plant turns into a magnificent tree having a maximum height of 10 to 15 feet and a width of 8 to 10 feet. This stunning species is an appealing addition to gardens and lawns. Carolina Midnight Loropetalum’s ideal size makes it a plant worth growing.

Temperature Tolerance

This robust plant is frost-hardy. It can easily live through low, freezing temperatures. However, it is not a fan of heat or high temperature. It does not like warm days and hot afternoons. You should never place it in the way of hot or cold drafts. It is better if you protect it from direct sun rays on hot days. If you are growing this beautiful plant indoors, keep it in a cool corner. If you are growing it outdoors, cover it with shade cloth in the summers.

Humidity Tolerance

This pretty shrub does not bother with humidity levels. It can tolerate an average amount of moisture in its surroundings. Still, you should not leave it in a dry room. You should maintain the humidity around it and keep it moderate. You can do so by growing it on a pebble tray or keeping it in a group with other plants. Frequent misting and spritzing will also help regulate the humidity around this plant.

Drought Resistance

This plant is tolerant of low-water availability. It is a drought-resistant plant that retains water in its stem and leaves for harsh conditions.

Disease and Pest Resistance

To your surprise and glee, this stunning plant is free of any diseases and pests. It is disease and pest-resistant. You can grow it in your home garden or your home without worrying about any unwanted problems.


This beautiful plant is a fast grower. It reaches its mature height in 3 years, but its new leaves and new blooms keep growing every now and then. It quickly attains its previous size once you prune its leaves. The fast growth rate makes this plant an ideal choice for mass plantings.

The USDA plant hardiness growth zones of this plant are 7b to 10.


You cannot say it is a toxic plant, but it can be poisonous if ingested in large quantities. But why would anyone do so? Your pets and children, who might not know about the dangers of eating a plant, must be kept away from it.


This beauty is a low-maintenance houseplant. It does not have a long list of requirements that it asks from its owner. All it wants is a little attention and a lot of love! You can easily grow this easy-to-grow plant if you are a beginner in the gardening world.


Winter dormancy is inevitable. This plant goes into a resting stage in winters and almost stops growing. You can stop feeding it during these days. Cut down its watering needs too during these months.

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Carolina Midnight Loropetalum Care

Its care involves regular watering and misting. Water it 1-2 times every week. The ideal temperature range is -17°C to 5°C. Full sun or partial shade is necessary for its healthy growth. This plant must be fertilized before every spring and every summer.

Water Requirements

This classy houseplant has average water needs. It needs to be watered once to twice a week to stay fresh and healthy. You’ll have to water it thoroughly and deeply. In hot summers, its watering needs to increase. You should water it regularly. You should cut down its watering in winters. If you are growing this plant in a pot, make sure all of its soil is wet. The pot must have a drainage hole at the bottom; the excess water will drip down from it. Do not let its soil get dry between watering. Always keeps it wet and moist.

Soil Requirements

Carolina Midnight Loropetalum grows best in acidic soil. The ideal pH range preferred for its proper growth is 6 to 7. In case your pot has alkaline soil, you can lower its pH by yourself at home. All you have to do is add some granular sulfur or peat moss. You can also try misting the soil with highly diluted vinegar. You should add 1-2 drops of vinegar to one gallon of water. As for the soil type, well-drained, organic soil suits best for the Carolina Midnight Loropetalum tree.


This gorgeous plant does not fuss about light exposure. It grows pretty well in both; full sun or partial shade. All you have to make sure is that hot sun rays do not scorch its exquisite foliage in summers. If you live in a hot climate and the sun is too hot for a growing plant, you can place Carolina midnight Loropetalum under a shade cloth. If you want to grow it as a houseplant, you can grow it in an east-facing window, where it will receive the necessary morning sun and where it will also be free from the hot sun rays.

Temperature Requirements

This mesmerizing shrub is a tough guy that can survive surprisingly low temperatures. It is a cold-tolerant, frost-hardy plant that can survive in a temperature as low as -17°C. Amazing, eh?

A warmer temperature is not its thing. Carolina Midnight Loropetalum is happy as long as the temperature stays around 4°C to 5°C. If the temperature exceeds above 10 degrees, the leaves of this plant start to wilt and lose their freshness. This is why hot climates are not much appreciated when it comes to growing a Loropetalum plant.


This pretty plant does not bother for a particular humidity level. It grows pretty well in moderate humidity. 40-60% humidity will do fine. This moisture level will keep your plant healthy, fresh, and blooming. If your plant does not ask for much help, it does not mean you do not care for it at all. You still have to protect it from low humidity. You should not let the dry atmosphere damage its leaves or let its foliage lose its striking colors. Regular misting is a great way to maintain the moisture level around this plant.


This plant does not need to be fertilized occasionally. You should fertilize it once at the beginning of spring or late winter and once in mid to late summer. Fertilizing it once a month will help increase Carolina Midnight Loropetalum’s growth rate. However, it is not strictly necessary. You can use an organic fertilizer to feed this beaut. Magic glow fertilizer is a famous fertilizer. It is used to fertilize Loropetalum plants as it ‘literally’ does magic on their growth rate and promotes lush growth. You can also use the regular shrub and tree fertilizer for this plant. Make sure that the fertilizer you are using has an adequate amount of sulfur and iron in it.

Grooming and Pruning

This fast-growing plant requires occasional pruning. You will have to cut and groom this plant after every bloom to maintain its appearance and keep it in the desired size. This plant won’t mind if you prune it more than often; it regrows really fast. The general rule of pruning is to cut one-fourth or one-third of its volume every time. Make sure to use disinfected shears to protect your plant from any unnecessary infection.

Transplanting and Re-potting

You can move your Carolina Midnight Loropetalum plant to a new location if you want. Transplanting it will not seem difficult after reading our easy guide. Transplanting a plant and re-potting it is not so different. You can do both in the same way.

  • The first thing you have to do is gently remove the plant from its planted place and shake off the excess soil.
  • You should prune and cut any damaged roots to ensure faster growth after transplanting.
  • Dig a hole in the new location twice as big as the plant’s root ball. If you are moving it to a pot, make sure to use a one-size bigger pot.
  • Place the plant at the center of the hole and fill it will soil.
  • Gently tap the topsoil to even the surface.
  • Water the plant and watch it flourish.


Carolina Midnight Loropetalum is a great choice for mass plantings. You can decorate your home garden by mass planting this beautiful shrub. There is no need to buy new Loropetalums when you can grow them in masses by propagation. Here is an easy way for the propagation of this lovely shrub:

  • Take a stem cutting from a healthy plant in mid-summer.
  • You can place it in water for some time or plant it right away.
  • Once you cut the tip, plant it in a container filled with soil.
  • Make sure the soil stays damp all the time.
  • Once new roots and shoots appear, move the plant to a pot or plant it into the soil.
  • In the following growing season, this plant will bear new seeds.
  • You can use these seeds to grow new Carolina Midnight Loropetalum plants.


Adding colors to a garden is what makes it lively and lovely. Carolina Midnight Loropetalum is a fine-looking plant, which can be grown in home gardens to add beauty and colors to them. It is a low-maintenance, drought-resistant, hardy plant that can be grown without any hassle. You do not have to be an expert in growing plants to grow this exquisite beauty in your home.

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