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Burle Marx Fantasy – A Hybrid Philodendron

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Burle Marx Fantasy

Philodendron Burle Marx fantasy is a rare but gorgeous hybrid plant that flaunts a beautiful display of green and grey shades with deep green veins in its foliage. Plus, Burle Marx Variegated is an equally attractive and popular further variation of the species. These plants are widely popular for their leaves and the way they grow so easily as houseplants. But there’s a lot more to a Burle Marx Fantasy plant than just pretty leaves. Keep on reading to know everything about this particular aesthetic plant.


  • Family: Araceae
  • Subfamily: Aroideae
  • Genus: Philodendron

About the Genus Philodendron

Philodendrons make a large group of plants, all of which are flowering, but not popular for their blooming quality. Instead, these plants stay in the spotlight for their large, beautiful, and unique foliage. Philodendron plants are “tree huggers,” They grow climbing on the trunks and branches of nearby trees. This particular feature is where they get their name from.

This genus consists of plants with a variety of growing habits; they include epiphytic, terrestrial, and Hemi-epiphytic plants, which are further divided into two categories: primary and secondary Hemi-epiphytes.

All Philodendron plants have large leaves that could be lobed, cut, or pinnate. They could have aerial or subterranean roots. Some of the most popular Philodendron plants include Philodendron Squamiferum, Philodendron Bipinnatifidum, and Philodendron Pastazanum.

Philodendron Burle Marx Scientific Name

  • Philodendron Imbe

Origin and Distribution

Thanks to these plants’ adaptability, they have a diverse growing habit and can grow in different areas of the world. However, these Philodendron plants are most commonly present in the West Indies and America’s tropical regions. Swamps, riverbanks, rock outcrops, and roadsides are some of the most common places where these Philodendron plants grow. Plus, they grow in saturation above sea levels over 2000 meters.

Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy, in particular, is native to Brazil, South America, and grows in the country’s tropical, temperate regions.

Philodendron Burle Marx Features

 Foliage and Stem

The leaves of a Burle Marx Fantasy grow in an exciting, unique overlapping manner. They can develop from a minimum of 1 inch to as long as 10 inches depending on where it is growing. If put in a terrarium, leaves can grow up to 1 to 4 inches long. However, Burle Marx Fantasy plants growing outside a terrarium can grow leaves that are as long as 10 inches. These leaves are light green and have shades of silver in them. Plus, they have dark green veins on their surfaces, looking like intricate spider webs. Furthermore, they are thick, leathery, and grow upright.


Fortunately, Philodendrons stay green and lush throughout the year. They are evergreen, and it is a massive part of why they’re so popular as ornamental plants.


Burle Marx Fantasy grows wonderfully when given background or sturdy support. If not, they grow in a spreading manner. When fully mature, it can reach a maximum height of 1 to 2 feet tall and spread 6 to 8 feet wide.

Temperature Tolerance:

Because of their tropical origins, this particular species does well under temperate environments. However, cold is not an ally to a Philodendron. You must make sure that the plant stays away from freezing temperatures. Shift it to a warmer spot during the winter season and put it away from air conditioners.

Humidity Tolerance:

Given that these plants come from a tropical environment, they have a high tolerance to humidity and appreciate efforts to boost their moisture. Even still, they have a high adaptivity to dry climates and do not die quickly under such circumstances.


These plants grow white insignificant flowers during their blooming season. These flowers simply serve the purpose of reproduction, while the plant’s primary feature remains its foliage.


In terms of tolerance, these plants are moderately resistant to drought. It means that they will not die immediately under water-deficient conditions, and you can skip a day or two of watering if you’re busy or out of town. However, for this feasibility, your plant Burle Marx must be fully grown and mature.


Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy is a slow grower and takes its time to fully mature. However, every bit of it is worth the wait. Even still, the environment, soil type, and several other factors have a significant impact on these plans’ growth rate.


Burle Marx Fantasy plants have a fair amount of calcium oxalate crystals in them. These crystals are toxic and can be fatal if ingested in large quantities. Fortunately, this species does not contain enough of the compound to have a risk of death for adults. Even still, it is highly suggested to prevent such an occurrence at all costs. If taken in large quantities, the individual may face mild to severe symptoms, including burning sensations in the mouth, increased salivation, swelling of the tongue, and inability to breathe or swallow. Mishandling the plants and direct contact through the fluids in your eyes can also irritate (conjunctivitis).


Thanks to the perennial life cycle, these plants are relatively durable and will last you from 2, 3 to many years until you keep it safe and well-cared-for.


Another big reason behind their popularity is that Philodendron Burle plants are relatively low-maintenance for their beautiful kind. They do not demand any extra effort in terms of money or time to keep them in good health and shape.

Philodendron Burle Marx Care

This species requires a temperature environment and moist, fertile soil to thrive. They prefer filtered and indirect sunlight, and you can grow them in pots, baskets, and a strong background. Make sure you don’t leave these plants out in the cold during the winters.

Water Requirements

These plants require regular watering as a part of their Philodendron Burle Marx care. You can do this weekly or even more frequently if the weather is warmer or drier than usual. Just make sure that the plant is fully hydrated, and the soil remains dry. Do not re-water the plant unless the top few inches of the soil start to dry up.

Soil Requirements

Burle Marx Fantasy plants require highly organic, rich, and moist soil to grow. Stay away from dry, sandy textures and avoid clay-like substrates as well. It is essential to make sure the feel of the soil is correct; moist, not wet. The soil must also be well-draining. If it accumulates a lot of water without draining it, your plant’s roots will suffocate and start dying quicker than you’d expect. Burle Marx Fantasy soil’s ideal pH would be from 5.6 to 6.5 (acidic to mildly acidic).


Surprisingly, these plants can survive and need less sunlight than most indoor plants you might already have in your collection.

Filtered and diffused sunlight is the best for this particular species. Place the plant under direct sunlight, and you’ll see it quickly looking unwell. It is because Burle Marx Fantasy plants, especially the Burle Marx Fantasy Variegated, have delicate leaves that can burn easily if exposed to direct sunlight. The best way to make sure they get optimum sunshine is to place them in front of sheer curtains that allow filtered light through them or behind a 20 to 40% shade cloth.

Temperature Requirements

If growing outdoors, these plants tend to grow in zones 9 to 11. However, if growing on the patio, these zones are 4a to 11. Overall, a temperature range of 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit is best suitable for these plants. Avoid frequent or sudden fluctuations in temperatures. Plus, remember that these are tropical plants, so they are more tolerant to warm temperatures than colder ones. Treat the plant accordingly and avoid putting it near or under icy environments.


This plant species requires high humidity to thrive properly. In numerical values, an air-moisture level of 65 to 70 % or even higher is ideal. You can mist the plant or install an indoor humidifier if necessary. These steps are suggested if you live in excessively warm or dry areas.

Fertilizer Requirements

A good fertilizer will be an excellent addition to their care routines during the initial phases of their growth or when they’re growing in the spring and summer seasons. Spread the plant food around 6 inches away from the base. Do this either thrice a year or every few weeks depending on the kind of fertilizer you’re using. Just ensure that you are choosing high-quality fertilizer. Cheap plant food contains heavy salts that can damage and eventually kill your plant. If your plant is not growing properly, it needs fertilizer or needs the right kind of it.


While re-potting is not much of a problem with these plants, you may re-pot it every couple of years as you feel necessary. Keep an eye on the roots coming out of the pot’s drainage holes and notice if the plant stops growing without an apparent reason. Both of these scenarios indicate that the plant needs re-potting as soon as possible.

Grooming and Pruning

Even though Burle Max Fantasy is a neatly-growing plant, it is not wrong to trim it once or maybe twice every year to maintain its shape and bushy appearance.


When you receive a fresh plant, you can mulch it to hold it upright while finding a proper place for it. Mulching will also help adequately supply nutrition to your plant’s roots so it won’t die immediately in storage.

Philodendron Burle Marx Variegated Care

The variegated version of this plant has beautiful leaves with yellow to green patterns on their surface. Because of this particular variation in colors, Philodendron Burle Marx Variegated care varies slightly from the normal Philodendron Burle Marx.

They require somewhat more focus on their sunlight exposure since any direct exposure can burn them, and they cannot photosynthesize properly under inadequate sunlight. Using a shade cloth and putting the plant under the right amounts of natural sunlight is the right way of creating a win-win situation. Plus, you can rotate the plant frequently to ensure all parts of it are getting equal amounts of sunlight.

Cultivation and Propagation

The best time to propagate or reproduce these plants is during the growing seasons of spring and summer. Take an appropriate cutting from the plant’s stem and grow it in soil or root it in water. Keep it in optimum condition and watch it grow!

  • Use sharp scissors or a knife to cut off a 3 to 4 inches stem piece from a mature Philodendron Marx.
  • Put this cutting in a jar filled with water and let it root for a few days.
  • When you see the cut end rooting nicely, remove the cutting and place it in a suitable pot filled with moist soil.
  • If not, you can directly plant the cutting in damp soil and let it grow.
  • Water the cutting frequently and make sure it is getting the right amount of sunlight, optimum temperatures, and plenty of fertilizer.
  • Sphagnum moss is an excellent growing substrate ingredient for these plants. Remember that this moss should be slightly moist and loosely packed with fluff and lots of air circulation.
  • You can also feed your plant vitamins in the form of a diluted solution. This part is an especially important step if your plant arrived from an online order and has been traveling for a few days.


Day 1-7: Plant the cutting, water, and fertilize it as frequently as you can. Avoid over-watering or overfeeding.

Week 2-3: Roots will start to become visible by the end of this time phase.

Month 2-4: Once you feel like the roots are considerably grown and strong enough to tolerate a change in the environment, remove the cutting from the jar of water or the small soiled container and place it in a larger, more appropriate pot.

Final Thoughts

Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy plant is a beautiful statement plant with several perks for displaying, maintaining, and propagating it. However, it is toxic, so make sure your pets and children stay at a considerable distance and do not ingest it at any cost.

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