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Black Vernissage Tomato: Features, How to Grow and Propagate

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Black Vernissage Tomato

Black Vernissage tomato is a beautiful cultivar of heirloom tomatoes. It is so-called because of its green, red, and black appearance. A true mixture of elegance and taste, these plants have good popularity among vegetable lovers.

As for heirloom tomatoes, they are non-hybrid cultivars of tomato plants, and they are divided into various classifications, such as family heirlooms, commercial heirlooms, created heirlooms, and mystery heirlooms.


  • Family: Solanaceae
  • Genus: Solanum
  • Species: Lycopersicum

About the Genus Solanum

Many people refer to this plant as “a plant of the sun.” It is thought that the name Solanum, translated as “sun” in Latin, comes from this reference. The genus consists of a diverse range of flowering plants, including food crops such as potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants, as well as ornamental species. The vast collection of plants includes both annual and perennial plants, species with different growing habits like vines, shrubs, and trees, and has a wide range of uses. Plants from this genus are used for culinary purposes, medicinal benefits and also serve as ornaments.

Origin and Distribution

The Black Vernissage’s origin is said to be Ukraine, close to Russia. Although they are very commonly found in Virginia and Cascade, these plants are grown popularly in many areas around the globe.

Black Vernissage Tomato Features

Weight and Appearance

Vernissage tomatoes have thick walls that are green-red. They weigh about 2 to 4 ounces, and the beautiful fruits have a smooth surface, without any cracks or ridges. The plant grows regular leaves, and the primary attraction is the fruit.


The plant grows about 4 to 8 feet tall and bears generous amounts of tomatoes if given the right opportunity to grow.  


Considering that these plants thrive in good water, growing them in dry, water-deficient areas will not be easy. These plants are not drought resistant and will quickly fall ill if dehydrated.

Temperature and Humidity Tolerance

The term “excess of everything is bad” applies to both of these requirements for the species. Even though the plant prefers to live in warm temperatures and loves to stay hydrated, extreme moisture in the air, or the soil, can attract diseases such as fungal infections. Similarly, scorching heat and extreme temperatures can make the plant wilt and look unwell. So, even though they are fairly temperature and humidity tolerant, it is best if you do not test their limits.

Pressure Tolerance

The delicate structure of the black Vernissage tomato plant does not tolerate external pressure of any kind. Make sure it is put in a safe location where people cannot step on it, and other ornaments or plants cannot pressurize it.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Fortunately, these plants are considered fairly disease resistant and do not have a lot of trouble if kept under clean and hygienic conditions. Just make sure that the body of the plant and its fruits are dry and clean at all times. Experts highly recommend regular and thorough inspection of the plant.

Growth Rate

Under the right conditions, Vernissage tomato growing is a reasonably fast process, and the plant quickly bears fruits if its needs are fulfilled. If your plant suddenly stops growing, make sure you check it for any abnormalities, monitor its water and food routines, and consult an expert if things become worse.


Even though the fruit itself is edible, certain parts of the plant are not recommended for eating purposes. They can be highly toxic if ingested and can cause mild to severe physical symptoms. Thus, specialists advise that you keep the plant away from children and pets to ensure their safety.


Black Vernissage tomatoes can be grown as annual plants.


Apart from their looks and taste, another reason why tomato lovers lean towards this particular species is that it is relatively low maintenance and is easy to grow.

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How to Grow a Black Vernissage Tomato Plant

A black Vernissage tomato, growing at home, can be tricky if you live in an unfavorable environment for this particular species. Overall these plants grow well in average water, humidity, and warm temperatures. Occasional misting is appreciated, and they love to grow in rich nutritious soil with organic fertilizer.

To be precise, this plant requires organic fertilizer in the growing seasons and an average amount of water regularly. Dehydration is a common problem with tomatoes, and they certainly do not resist it well. You must remember to keep your plant hydrated at all times. However, it is also important that you do not over-water it. If the roots and soil become water-clogged, the plant will start to wilt. To ensure that this does not happen, only water the plant when the soil looks dry on top.

Similarly, if you feel like the environment is a little to dry for your plant, and the leaves look dehydrated, mist your Vernissage lightly, but make sure that it dries in a couple of hours. Consistent humidity and moisture on the surface or around the plant can invite fungus.


Speaking of the soil, just make sure that it drains well, does not hold water and fertilizer, and it is rich in nutrients.


As for the location of the plant, the ideal environment would be under full sun and warmer temperatures. However, scorching heat and extreme temperatures can also cause more harm than benefit. If the temperatures get too high and the sunlight seems to be too harsh on the leaves, you can shift the plant to a more suitable environment with moderate warmth and natural sunlight.

Cultivation and Propagation

These tomatoes are cultivated using their seeds. The process includes removing the seeds, cleaning and drying them, potting them in suitable soil, and letting them grow. The best time to do this is the spring season.

  • Wait for the mature plant to bear fruit. Make sure the tomatoes are ripe before removing seeds from them.
  • Wash clean and dry the seeds completely.
  • It is advised that you ferment these seeds before you store them.
  • This process ensures that the pulp will separate, and you will be left with clean seeds only that you can now save for the propagation of new Black Vernissage tomato plants.
  • Now, you can either store the seeds for later or use them immediately.
  • Arrange a pot of suitable size with appropriate soil mix and plant the seeds inside the pot at a generous distance from each other.
  • Cover the seeds slightly and water them regularly.
  • Make sure that you place the pot under warm temperatures and good sunlight for them to grow to their maximum potential.


Week 1-4: plant seeds in a pot and water it regularly while making sure it stays in the right environment.

Month 2-3: The plant should be growing well developed, strong roots, and you should be able to see the baby plant sprouting.

Month 4-6: The plant should now be fully mature and growing up tall and beautiful.

What Do Black Vernissage Tomatoes Taste Like?

These beautiful and tasty tomatoes have a sweet yet smoky flavor that makes them a perfect choice for salads, sauces, and toppings. You can feel a little acidity and pepper-like taste in it as well. The fruit is meaty and rich in flavor.

Using and Displaying a Black Vernissage Tomato

Experimental chefs across the world have used these fruits in salads, sauces, non-veg recipes, and whatnot. They can be used on their own, as appetizers, or as a side for main meals like steaks and portions of pasta. Some people also use for canning purposes and dry them to be stored for good.

Black Vernissage Tomatoes for Sale

It is not easy to find a healthy, Vernissage black tomato plant for sale. However, if you do find one, remember to check it for any abnormalities diseases or infections thoroughly. Inspect the leaves and examine the soil to make sure no bugs or pests are living there. Before you bring it inside the house, it is crucial that you clean and thoroughly dry the plant as to not introduce any unwanted germs to the other plants that you own.

However, buying Vernissage black tomato seeds online is a much safer option. It has less risk of infections, and you can grow the plant from scratch.

Final Thoughts

Black Vernissage tomatoes are beautiful fruits that are well known for their appearance, as well as how versatile they are in terms of usage. They taste amazing and are easy to cultivate at home if the environment is right. However, apart from the fruit, the rest of the plant is fairly toxic. So, it should not be ingested at any cost. You can either purchase a mature Vernissage plant or buy seeds online and cultivate one on your own. They are easy to take care of and are relatively low maintenance for people who do not have a lot of experience in the agricultural field.

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